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English Service

Sabbath School - 10 am - Fellowship Hall

2024 Study Material

3rd Quarter - Mark

Mark can be divided into 2 distinct sections: "Who is Jesus?" and "Where is Jesus going?"  The answer to, "Who is Jesus?" is displayed in His teachings and miracles.  He defeats evil, brings hope to the oppressed, and teaches compelling truths that cut to the heart of the human experience.  The answer to the second question, "Where is Jesus going?" is shocking.  He is going to the cross - the most shameful and painful death imaginable.  For Jesus' followers, who saw their Messiah as the conqueror of Rome, this is an unexpected destination.  Mark's story is told simply, in a fast-moving style.  He tells the story and lets the words, deeds, and actions speak for themselves.

07.27 - Parables

08.03 - Miracles Around the Lake

08.10 - Inside Out

08.17 - Teaching Disciples - Part 1

08.24 - Teaching Disciples - Part 2

08.31 - Jerusalem Controversies

09.07 - The Last Days

09.14 - Taken and Tried

09.21 - Tried and Crucified

09.28 - The Risen Lord

Church Service - 11 am - fellowship Hall 

Sermon Videos are available to view on YouTube or the "English Sermons" Page.


Sabbath - 1:30 PM - Bible Study - coming September 14

"steps to Christ"

Fellowship Hall - Conference Room


Lesson 1 - Exploring the Depths of God's Unconditional Love

Lesson 2 - Recognizing My Need for a Savior

Lesson 3 - True Repentance and Heart Change

Lesson 4 - The Power of Confession

Lesson 5 -The Joy and Freedom of Surrender

Lesson 6 - Unwavering Faith

Lesson 7 - Practical Living as a Disciple of Jesus

Lesson 8 - Spiritual Growth and Maturity

Lesson 9 - The Joy of Service

Lesson 10 - God Desires to be Known

Lesson 11 - The Power of Prayer

Lesson 12 - Overcoming Doubt

Lesson 13 - The Importance of Rejoicing